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The Bennelong Market Neutral Fund aims to achieve consistent absolute returns, regardless of market conditions, from a portfolio of both long and short large cap Australian shares. The strategy seeks to limit exposure to market risk by adopting a predominantly cash neutral position via a series of correlated long and short paired positions.

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Portfolio managers Sam Shepherd
Stock range 50-70 stocks and actively managed in 25-35 pairs
Client risk profile High
Investment team Bennelong Long Short Equity Management
Investment timeframe Medium to long term
Responsible entity Bennelong Funds Management Ltd
AFSL 296806
Level 1, 9 Queen St, Melbourne
Inception date September 2015
Fees and charges Management Fee: 1.5375% p.a. (including GST net of RITC) of Net Asset Value.
Performance Fee: 20.5% (including GST net of RITC) of the increase in the Net Asset Value per Unit of the Class for each financial year or part thereof that any Units have been issued after all fees and expenses have been accrued. Subject to a high watermark.
Minimum investment amount $25,000

Email Client Experience to obtain further information.

Email Client Experience to obtain further information.

Distribution Timetable for June 2021
CUM prices available 6/07/2021
CPU distribution rate available 9/07/2021
Ex prices available 12/07/2021
Payment of cash distribution 14/07/2021
Transaction statements sent to unitholders 14/07/2021
Tax statements sent to unitholders 21/07/2021

Email Client Experience to obtain further information.

This fund is no longer open to new investors.

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